Privacy Policy

Overflow (the “Company”) will comply with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. and other applicable laws, regulations and public notices related to the protection of personal information, and use its best efforts to manage and protect the personal information of the users(“Users”) in an effective and safe manner. The Company established this Privacy Policy in order to inform the Users about the Company’s practices regarding the use, disclosure and protection of personal information.  The Company will immediately notify its Users of the reason, and terms of change upon modification in the Privacy Policy.

1. Items and Method of Collection of Personal Information

  1. Items of Personal Information to be Collected
    • equired Items: Nick Name, user ID(email address) mobile phone number, Password
  2. Method of Collection of Personal Information
    • through information collection tools.

2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company will use the collected personal information for the purpose of identity verification, checking membership accounts or mobile numbers, marketing and advertisement of the Company’s products, updates, delivery of information on new services, performance of events, and delivery of promotional gifts.

3. Retention Period

In principle, the Company will destroy personal information of the Users without delay after fulfilling the purpose of collection and use; provided, however, that, if personal information is required to be stored under the applicable laws and regulations, the Company shall store such personal information for the term set forth in such applicable laws and regulations.

4. Method of Destruction of Personal Information

In principle, personal information of the Users will be discarded without delay after fulfilling the purpose of collection and use.

  1. Destruction Procedure
    • Information provided by the Users for use of the Services will be placed in a separate database (or filing cabinet in case of Personal Information printed on paper) and stored for a certain period of time based on grounds for information protection provided in the Company’s internal policy and other applicable laws and regulations (see 3. Retention Period) after fulfilling the purpose of the provision before being discarded.
    • Personal information placed in a separate database as set forth above will not be used for purposes other than the purpose set forth in the applicable laws.
    • Personal information subject to destruction: personal information for which the retention term set forth in the applicable laws and regulations has expired.
  2. Destruction Method
    • Personal information printed on paper will be discarded by shredding or incineration.
    • Personal information stored in electronic files will be discarded using technical methods preventing restoration.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Unless otherwise provided in the applicable laws and regulation, the Company will not use or provide the User’s personal information to any other corporation or institution beyond the scope set forth in the 2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information without the Users’ consent, except in the following cases:

  • If prior consent of the User is obtained; or
  • If it is required by the provisions of the relevant laws or regulations or otherwise requested by an investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and manner provided by the relevant laws and regulations for the purpose of the investigation, or if it is necessary for statistics compilation, academic research or market survey, provided, that the personal information is provided after being processed in a way that does not allow identification of the individual.

6. Installation/Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Equipment and Objection Thereto

The Company may use cookies in order to provide the Users with customized Services by analyzing their website usage, preferences and others.

A cookie is a small text file installed on the User’s hard drive through the web server. The Company will use a minimum number of cookies, which make it impossible to identify a specific User but that enable the Company to identify the computer of a specific User, as necessary for the provision of the Services.

The Users may choose the options of the web browser to accept all cookies, to receive notice when cookies are installed, or to refuse all cookies; provided, however, that if the Users choose to refuse cookies, the Users may have difficulty in accessing the part of the Services.

  • Method of choosing cookie installation related options (for Internet Explorer):
    1. Select Internet Options on the Tools menu;
    2. Click the Personal Information tab; and
    3. Set-up the Personal Information Handling Standards.

7. Technical/Managerial Measures to Protect Personal Information

In handling the personal information of the Users, the Company takes the following technical and managerial precautions to ensure safety from loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or damage of the personal information:

  1. Technical Measures:
    • The Company is doing its best to prevent outflow or unauthorized retrieval and use of personal information, which may arise from hacking or a computer virus. To prevent damage of personal information, the Company is frequently backing up data and using the latest vaccine program to prevent users’ personal information or data from getting exposed or damaged. The Company is also enabling safe transmission of personal information on network through encrypted communication. Furthermore, the Company controls an unauthorized access from the outside using the firewall system and uses its best efforts to be equipped with all other technical equipments necessary to ensure the system security to the fullest extent possible.
  2. Managerial Measures:
    • The Company limits the number of employees who handle personal information to the minimum level necessary and grants a separate password to such employees, which is regularly renewed. Through frequent training for such employees in charge, the Company always emphasizes the compliance with this Privacy Policy.
    • Through the personal information protection team within the Company, the Company checks the Company’s performance of this Privacy Policy and compliance or non-compliance by employees in charge of personal information and when a problem is noticed, the Company immediately modifies and corrects it.
    • The Company provides or entrusts another company with the task of providing training programs for the employees who handle personal information in connection with the acquisition of new security technology and obligation to protect personal information.
    • The duties of the employees who handle personal information will be transferred thoroughly under secured conditions as necessary, and the responsibility for any accidents related to the personal information arising after the employees who handle the personal information join or leave the Company is clearly stipulated.
    • The Company bears no responsibility for any problems arising out of the leakage of personal information due to causes attributable to the Users or inherent dangers of the Internet. The Users are required to manage their accounts and passwords in a proper manner to protect their personal information and will be liable for any problems arising out of their failure to do so.

8. Personal Information Manager and Contact Information

The Company has a department in charge of accepting the Users’ opinions regarding personal information and handling related complaints and designates a personal information manager.

  • Customer Service Department
  • Telephone Number: +82-2– 465 – 3450
– Email: